Tanning & Red Light Therapy


Introducing the


Our STANDING tanning booths use patented SmartLamps™, made with proprietary SolGlass™ to promote the body's natural Vitamin D production. The 3-in-1 design, with its pink-blue-pink individual ultraviolet zones, tans the face, body and legs evenly – the only lamp to do so.

Why the Hex tanning System is RIGHT FOR YOU:

  1. Hygienic - With bed-type units, hygiene is an issue because of perspiration issues. The booth design minimizes that issue
  2. Fast - Only 8-10 min. sessions are required. Bed-type units require 15-20 minutes.
  3. Comfort - Our booths are air-cooled by a unique fan system.
  4. Relaxing - We have built-in speakers with mobile phone connections to play your favorite music while you tan.
  5. Easy to Use - The tanning cycle is set at the front desk by an experienced operator. Users merely push the start button inside the booth when they are ready to tan.


1 session - $12

10 sessions - $100

UNLIMITED Tanning & Red Light Therapy Pkg. (member)
$15/month  - 1 year commitment

UNLIMITED Tanning & Red Light Therapy Pkg. (non-member)
$25/month  - 1 year commitment

Tanning Guidelines